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If Your Student is Having a Problem

When freshmen encounter problems in classes, with teachers or administrators, classmates, roommates, food, parking, etc., at times they may confide in parents, complain to them, or plead with them to make things better. Parents may get caught up in what they’re hearing and want to fix things for their sons and daughters. Generally, the most meaningful and effective parental support is to let students do some problem-solving. Listen carefully to their words, validate their feelings, and try to discover the underlying causes of concern. Reaffirm your belief in their ability to handle the situation either on their own or with the help of someone on campus.

In the event that parents believe it is imperative to get additional information from the University, in most situations, your son or daughter will need to sign the “Student Consent for Disclosure of Educational Records” form available in the Registrar’s Office in Ryan Hall.

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