Information for Family Members

We realize that having your young adults away at school can lead to uneasiness and worry at times.

If you have questions or comments you want to share with us, we encourage you to contact us. Our Student Affairs Office can be reached at 314-889-1411 or by email.

If you have an emergency situation and need to contact the school, please call our Public Safety Office at 314-889-4596.


  • As the parent of a prospective student who do I talk to if I have safety concerns or questions?

    We encourage prospective students and their families to talk to their admission counselor if they’ve been in contact with one already. You can also call our main admission office at 1-800-205-5862. Or send an email.

  • How does Fontbonne ensure the safety of its students?

    The safety of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors is our top priority. Our public safety officers are on-duty 24 hours a day and patrol the campus regularly. There are many emergency procedures and protocols in place to address a variety of emergencies from natural disasters to man-made. Our Student Affairs Department works closely with students in residences halls to make sure they are aware of policies and procedures. We are also in close communication with the City of Clayton Police Department and other area agencies as needed.

  • How are students notified in the event of an emergency situation?

    We make available to all students, faculty and staff a TEXT alert system that would be used in an instance where urgent or emergency notification was deemed necessary. A text alert would be sent to all those who subscribe to this service. In addition, we would employ our EMAIL system, university website and social media as necessary.

  • Can a parent of a Fontbonne student sign up for text alerts from Fontbonne?

    Our text service requires a current Fontbonne email address for sign-up, but it is possible for a student to ADD two more telephone numbers to their text alert account. Students should follow these instructions.

    1. Students must already have a text alert account. If you don’t, go to
      Note: “Registration Email” will be your full Fontbonne email address.
    2. If you have signed up for text alerts already, log into your RAVE (text service) account.
      Username will be your full Fontbonne email address.
    3. Once logged in, you should click on your NAME in the upper right corner.
    4. Under Mobile Phones, click on the + sign in the green circle that says “Add”.
    5. Enter the 10-digit mobile number of the person you wish to add.
    6. Hit the black “Continue” button.
    7. Hit the black “Continue” button on this screen, too.
    8. Hit the black “Done” button.
    9. Add 67283 or 226787 to your contacts as ‘Fontbonne University’.

    If you have any questions about the text message service, email Information Technology at or call (314) 719-8095.

  • With some of the news about crime and civil unrest in St. Louis, is Fontbonne a safe place?

    Like any major metropolitan area, there is going to be a certain level of crime. However, in the larger scheme of things, Fontbonne and Clayton, Mo., the suburb in which the university resides, are fairly safe places. In 2014, the City of Clayton was recognized as one of the safest cities in Missouri according to And, based on a survey of Clayton residents, 100% of respondents said they feel very or somewhat safe walking in their neighborhood — the best percentage of any city surveyed in the United States, according to city officials.

    Of course, we encourage all our students, faculty and staff to exercise common sense and safety precautions when they are out and about.

Contact Us

If you have questions or comments you want to share with us, we encourage you to contact us. Our Student Affairs Office can be reached at 314-889-1411 or by email.