Where am I?


During an earthquake, remain calm and quickly follow the steps below.

1. IF INDOORS: Take cover under heavy furniture, in interior doorways, or against an interior wall. Stay away from windows, glass and exterior doorways. Avoid bookcases, cabinets or other structures that may fall.

2. IF OUTDOORS: Move quickly to an open area away from buildings, trees, utility poles and electrical lines. Do not attempt to enter a structure or building.

3. IF IN A VEHICLE: Stop as quickly as safety permits away from buildings, trees, utility poles and overhead lines. Stay in the vehicle for the protection it provides.

4. After the initial shock, evaluate the situation. If the facilities are damaged or medical help is needed, contact the Public Safety Office giving them all relevant information. Protect yourself at all times and prepare for after shocks.

5. If an emergency exists which requires emergency evacuation, activate the building alarm and walk to the nearest marked exit. Alert others verbally to do the same. Do not enter any area marked by a hazardous material warning sign.

6. Assist people with disabilities in exiting the building. Remember that elevators are reserved for people with disabilities. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS IF THE BUILDING IS BEING EVACUATED DUE TO FIRE.

7. Once outside, move to a to a clear area that is at least 500 feet away from the affected area. Keep streets, fire lanes, hydrant areas and walkways clear for emergency personnel. Faculty members should account for their students by conducting a head count.

8. Do not return to an evacuated building unless you are told to do so by a Fontbonne official.