Where am I?


Beginning Your Trip

  • Have proper directions to and from your destination.
  • Make sure you have at least a half tank of gas before beginning your trip.
  • If your trip is long, have your vehicle checked by a mechanic before you begin.
  • Remove visible articles from your car before starting you trip.
  • After entering your vehicle, lock the doors immediately.
  • If you become lost, do not stop at any isolated location.
  • If you ask for directions, never roll the window down more than one inch.
  • Drive around your destination to become acquainted with the path you will be walking after you park your car. Look for suspicious people as you drive.
  • Avoid parking in isolated or unlit areas. Use valet services when available.
  • If you see suspicious people, wait inside your vehicle for them to leave before exiting. Do not get out of your car with a stranger present.
  • When exiting your vehicle, walk directly and confidently to your destination. Do not stop until you reach the safety of your destination. Carry you purse securely under your arm or close to your chest.
  • Do not be overburden with packages. Return to your vehicle with the safety of others to help carry your packages.

Returning to Your Car

  •  When you return to your car, have your keys out and ready to use. Ask for an escort.
  • As you approach your vehicle, look for suspicious people near your vehicle. If you see suspicious people, wait at a safe location for them to leave before approaching your vehicle.
  • Make a visual inspection around, underneath and inside your vehicle before unlocking the door.
  • If you parked in a parking garage, do not check the surrounding area of your car. Go directly to your vehicle and check the inside as you unlock the door.
  • After entering your vehicle, lock the doors immediately.
  • If you feel threatened by anyone after entering your vehicle, honk the horn as you start your car.


  • If you have an accident, drive to a safe location before exiting your car to call the police.
  • If another vehicle is involved, stay in your vehicle and ask the other person to call the police.


  • If your vehicle breaks down, stay in your car. Roll a handkerchief up tightly in your window. Carry and use a “Call Police” sign.
  • If a stranger offers help, ask the individual to call the police.
  • Do not get out of your car with a stranger present.

Robbery Victim

  • Do not resist a simple street robbery. Remain calm, listen to and follow the directions of the robber. Give up personal possessions.
  • DO NOT allow yourself to be taken away or led off by the robber.
  • If attacked, scream or yell as loud as you can: fight to get away and never give up!