Where am I?

Service at Saint Mary's

 Learn More about student, Morgan Wunsch, volunteering below.


When and why did you decide to volunteer at Saint Mary's?

I decided to begin volunteering at the beginning of this semester because I wasn’t doing anything productive with my time. I would go to class and then straight back to my room. I thought, there had to be something more useful I could do with my time. I’m going into Speech Language Pathology and I want to work in the hospital environment so I figured what better place to spend my time and also do some good at the same time.

 What do you do while volunteering at St. Mary's?

I am up on the congestive heart failure floor. I have been volunteering there by doing anything and everything they tell me to do basically. For the most part, I answer the call lights from the patients in the room and then send a page to the correlating nurse. If at any time a patient needs something that I am allowed to bring them, I do that too.  Also,I break down charts and stock rooms when needed.

What is your favorite thing about volunteering at St. Mary's?

I think my favorite thing about volunteering at St. Mary’s is the people you are surrounded by. The nurses, doctors and even some of the patients are so kind. I mostly interact with the nurses and they treat me like I am one of them when they talk to me. It is a great environment. They are all so happy and have a very good sense of humor which is nice to be around.

What motivates you to volunteer?

My motivation in everything I do is my family. If my family isn’t proud, which they generally are, I’m not doing something right. But, my volunteering correlates with my major and my major is one hundred percent driven by my Grandma. She had a stroke about three years ago and I can always remember the first time she tried to say my name with her Speech Pathologist. From then on, I always wanted to affect somebody’s life like she did mine.

Tell me something you enjoy doing in your free time

In my free time I don’t do anything too exciting. Sometimes I will get into reading sprees where I read four books in less than a week. I’m also kind of a series junky on Netflix. Admittedly, that is a bad habit, but oh well! Also, now that the weather is getting nicer I have been going to Forest Park about every afternoon. I love to walk around in the fresh air and just take everything in while I listen to music. It is my favorite escape from the fast paced world we live in.