History, Philosophy and Religion Department

The history, philosophy and religion department is concerned with tradition. From the foundations of Western civilization or ancient philosophy to the making of the American Constitution to the sacred texts of world religions, we study the ways that thought, faith, law, and culture have shaped the world. Yet at Fontbonne, we focus on how these traditions affect the way we live today — and will live in the future.

One of Dr. Daryl Wennemann‘s central interests is in the “post-human”: how can philosophical tradition help us understand the changes brought on by enormous advances in scientific technology that may redefine what we mean by the term “human”? Dr. Brian Matz, our endowed chair in Catholic thought, explores the contemporary debate about healthcare and other social issues through the lens of theology. Dr. Corinne Wohlford, a professor of American studies, recently offered a course on the crisis in Ferguson, bringing together threads in American and African-American history to shed light on a contemporary social problem. Department Chair Dr. Jack Luzkow has partnered with others at Fontbonne to join his interest in European history and the Holocaust to work with local Bosnian genocide survivors.

In our department halls, you’ll often hear our faculty and students wrestling with issues like these, among ourselves and in interdisciplinary collaboration with peers in other departments. In addition, we work with partners throughout the Saint Louis region — at the Missouri History Museum, the International Institute, various law firms and religious institutions, to name just a few — to ground our intellectual pursuits in the public sphere.

Our students in pre-law, global studies, religious studies, history, women’s and gender studies, American studies, African-American studies, and philosophy are more than traditionalists. They are questioners, interpreters and creative intellectuals who are informed by tradition but engaged with today.

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