At Fontbonne University, our goal is to impart knowledge — and understanding. In addition to becoming well-informed in your chosen field, you will learn important skills, such as effective communication, critical thinking and teamwork. We emphasize life-long learning and a self-awareness that encourages you to look at your role in the world and how you can make it a better place.

Our academic foundation is bolstered by our core curriculum, Culture and the Common Good, which embraces a global perspective, history, social justice and diversity.

Fontbonne University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Learn about our Academic Accreditation.

    Areas of Study

    Undergraduate Programs


    Applied Behavioral Sciences

    Applied Design

    Applied Mathematics




    Biology for Secondary Education

    Business Administration

    Chiropractic Partnership with Logan University

    Communication Studies

    Computer Science

    Cyber Security

    Deaf Education


    Early Childhood Education

    Elementary Education

    Engineering – Dual Degree

    English – Literary Studies

    English – Professional Writing

    English for Secondary Certification

    Fashion Merchandising

    Fine Arts

    Global Studies

    Health Education and Promotion


    Human Services

    Management and Leadership

    Management Information Systems


    Mathematics for Secondary Education

    Medical Laboratory Sciences

    Middle School Education

    Nursing Partnership with Barnes-Jewish College

    Occupational Therapy – Dual Degree

    Performing Arts


    Religious Studies

    Religious Studies Partnership with Aquinas

    Social Science/Pre-Law

    Social Work

    Social Work Partnership with St. Louis University

    Special Education

    Special Education – Paraprofessional PathwaysSM

    Speech-Language Pathology

    Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Certificate

    Sports Management

    Strategic Communication

    University Major–Design Your Own Major

    Undergraduate Minors

    Advertising Minor

    African American Studies Minor

    American Culture Studies Minor

    Applied Design Minor

    Art History Minor

    Biology Minor

    Business Administration Minor

    Chemistry Minor

    Communication Minor

    Computer Science Minor

    Cyber Security Minor

    Early Childhood Minor

    Environmental Studies

    Food Management Minor

    Global Studies Minor

    History Minor

    Human Services Minor

    Literary Studies Minor

    Management Information Systems Minor

    Marketing Minor

    Mathematics Minor

    Mathematics for Educators Minor

    Performing Arts Minor

    Professional Writing Minor

    Psychology Minor

    Religious Studies Minor

    Social Entrepreneurship Minor

    Social Work Minor

    Sociology Minor

    Speech-Language Pathology Minor

    Sports Management Minor

    Transportation Minor

    University Minor

    Women’s and Gender Studies Minor

    Culture and the Common Good: A Liberal Arts Education at Fontbonne

    This revised general education curriculum took effect for incoming first-year students in fall of 2012 and for transfer students in fall 2014. Called Culture and the Common Good, this curriculum embraces a global perspective, history, social justice and diversity.

    “The theme of culture and the common good reflects Fontbonne’s mission to prepare leaders to serve a world in need, which requires an understanding of culture, the vehicle for changing ideologies and imaginations. Because imagining and building intelligent and moral alternatives for the future intersects with every area of life, this study requires an interdisciplinary approach.”

    Academic Opportunities

    • Study Abroad

      Study Abroad

      Explore new cultures. Jump into new experiences. Meet new people… for a week, a semester or more! Learn more.

    • Honors Program

      Honors Program

      Challenge yourself. Amp up the college experience. Prepare for great things. Learn more and be more!

    • Dedicated Semester

      Dedicated Semester

      Each fall, the campus comes together to focus on a single, relevant topic with courses, events, speakers, activities and more. It’s unique, and it’s here. Learn more.