As you earn a Bachelor of Arts in History, you’ll look at events, ideas, religions and laws to gain a better understanding of the values and beliefs that people have adopted throughout time.

Fontbonne provides a broad background in both Western and non-Western history as well as geography, government, sociology, psychology and American economy. And you can either earn a degree in history or choose a degree in history with a secondary teaching certification in social studies, which allows you to teach at the high school level.

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    Meet Annie

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Program Highlights

  • Departmental relationships with the Missouri History Museum and other cultural institutions provide students access to history professionals and professional opportunities.
  • A flexible curriculum allows students to select upper-level history courses that best suit their interests and professional goals
  • Curriculum provides well-rounded education in history, including classes in Western and Non-Western history, as well as the historical aspects of government, sociology and literature
  • Small class sizes allow for more personalized learning experiences
  • Option of secondary teaching certification
  • Students develop critical thinking and debate skills
  • A senior capstone experience includes independent research on a topic of interest students have cultivated in their earlier classes.
  • Co-curricular opportunities include participation in national Mock Trial Competition.
  • Study Abroad opportunities enrich classroom experience

In-Field Learning Experiences

  • Bosnian Memory Project at Fontbonne University
  • Holocaust and Learning Center—St Louis
  • International Institute
  • Missouri History Museum
  • Missouri State Representative’s Office
  • Mock Trial Team

History Course Samples

  • HST 103

    Introduction to Western CivilizationI: Prehistory to 17th Century

    3 credits

    Covers prehistory, ancient history (Greece, Rome, Christianity, the Germanic Invasions), medieval history, early modern history (Renaissance and Reformation), and early 17th Century. Considers political, social, economic, cultural, religious and intellectual development of Europe and the West from prehistory to the seventeenth century.

  • HST 366

    Trends That Shaped the Modern World

    3 credits

    Study of the major political, economic, intellectual, and social developments which characterize the period from the fall of Napoleon I to the beginning of World War I; focus on “isms:” nationalism, liberalism, industrialism, socialism, and imperialism. Applications in the twentieth century.

  • REL 225

    World Religions

    3 credits

    A study of major living faiths other than Christianity: Primal religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Islam, and Judaism.

Alumni in the Workforce

  • Graduate Students in International Affairs
  • United States Marine Corps Officer Training Program
  • After acquiring teaching certification, students regularly find employment in the field of education. Alumni can be found teaching in the following St. Louis area schools: Francis Howell High School, Bishop Dubourg High School, Forsyth School, St. Francis of Assisi and many more.

History Career Opportunities

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