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Would you like to pursue what is considered to be the top-paying college degree?

According to, jobs requiring computer-programming experience are growing at two times the national average; by 2020, there will be 1,000,000 more jobs than students to fill them. And according to the Department of Labor, employment of computer scientists is projected to grow by 15 percent within this next decade alone. Computer scientists have become the world’s movers and shakers in current and future development of hardware and software systems.

At Fontbonne, as you work toward a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, you will receive a solid foundation in computer theory, programming languages, operating systems, and software development. You will learn about hardware structure, robotics, data management, software engineering, mobile apps, telecommunications and networking, all while working with state-of-the-art technology in our computer labs. Employers are actively seeking graduates who have these problem-solving and communication skills.

NEW:  Minor in Data Analytics.

Computer Science Program Highlights

Computer Science Course Samples

  • Computer Architecture and Assembly Language

    Topics covering theoretical aspects and concepts of hardware and computer systems including logic gates, combinational and sequential circuits, memory and registers, control logic design, instructions and addressing. Teaches programming in one assembly language. Prerequisites: CIS 161 and (CIS 120 or MTH 120). FA (Even)

  • Object-Oriented Programming (Java)

    Introduction to concepts of abstract data type and inheritance. Topics include the  fundamentals of object-oriented program design, object-oriented programming using Java. Lab exercises include introductory to intermediate level software analysis and design.  Prerequisite: CIS 161.  FA

  • Robotics

    Introduces students to the basics of modeling, design, planning, programming and control of robot systems. Topics include an exploration of the principles and algorithms for computation in the physical world, kinematics, geometric reasoning, motion planning, behavior-based artificial intelligence and some philosophical questions pertaining to the nature of intelligence in the physical world. Prerequisite: CIS 210, CIS 250 and MTH 151.  FA (Even)

  • iOS and Android Programming

    Provides students with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to design and build iOS/Android apps using the most current iOS/Android programming platform. Students will complete multiple iOS/Android applications that run on iPhones/iPads/Android smartphones/tablets starting from simple ones to complex ones. Prerequisite: CIS 210. iOS Programming is offered SP (Odd) and Android Programming is offered SP (Even).


Larah Rogg talks about her internship at Express Scripts.

Fontbonne University Computer Science majors have also interned at several other St. Louis area companies, including Boeing, Charter Communications, Emerson, Maritz, MasterCard, Northrup Grumman, Sensient Technologies, SudddenLink Communications, and US Bank.

What Are Recent Graduates Currently Doing?

Fontbonne has a 100 percent job placement rate for computer science graduates!
  • Business Owner (Patal Technologies) and Web Developer
  • Marketing Database Decision Strategy Manager at Wells Fargo
  • Manager-Unix Systems Administration at
  • Programmer and Analyst at Boeing
  • Service Integration Analyst at Monsanto
  • Senior Web Designer and Developer at New LifeStyles, Inc.
  • Software Developer at Stifel Nicolaus
  • Systems Engineer for Washington University
  • Senior Application Software Engineer at Centene Corporation
  • Technical Program Manager II at Woot Services, LLC


Computer Science Career Opportunities

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