Instructional Design and Technology Certificate

A graduate certificate in Instructional Design and Technology is an excellent way for students with specific needs and interests to learn and develop skills in as little as one year.

Required Courses for the Instructional Design and Technology Certificate

  • IDT 500

    Foundations of Instructional Design Systems

    3 credits

    Introduces students to the discipline of instructional
    design. Students learn to analyze professional
    development needs in educational and corporate
    environments and to translate those needs into the design
    and development of quality training opportunities.
    Students will be introduced to the elements of
    instructional design; needs analysis, task analysis, learner
    analysis, planning and creating instruction, and

  • IDT 501

    Processes of Instructional Design and Technology Systems

    3 credits

    Provides students an opportunity to apply the instructional
    design principles studied in IDT 500. This course focuses
    on the design, development and assessment of
    instructional design products and on conducting formative
    and summative evaluations of the instructional design
    product. Prereq: IDT 500

  • IDT 507

    Instructional Technology Tools forthe 21st Century

    3 credits

    Provides educators with knowledge and guided practice to
    effectively use software, the Internet and other technology
    resources available in education. Activities completed in
    this class act as a springboard for a future of a technology
    rich curriculum with the aim of transforming students into
    lifelong learners.

  • IDT 565

    The Internet and Education


    Provides basic knowledge and guided practice to
    effectively use the Internet and telecommunications
    resources. Coursework will act as a springboard for
    valuable communication in the classroom and for
    personal use.

  • IDT 592

    Online Course Design and Teaching

    3 credits

    Provides students with the basis for designing and
    teaching an online course. Topics will include the
    following: creating a welcoming environment, developing
    a detailed syllabus for online students, stating measurable
    learning objectives, creating an online course that is easy
    to navigate, communication, assessment in an online
    course and methods of presenting content in an online
    course. The mechanics of using an online course
    management tool will also be presented.

  • IDT 515

    Computer Applications for Educators

    3 credits

    Introduces the student to computer applications using
    Microsoft Office suite. The applications include Word,
    PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, Publisher and online
    collaboration suites. The emphasis will be on the use of
    these applications in the educational environment.

  • IDT 573

    Multimedia, Graphic and Web Design for Instruction

    3 credits

    Emphasizes design elements, principles, development, and strategies used to produce effective multimedia presentations, quality websites, and original graphics. Learners will use current Web 2.0 tools, presentation and video screen capturing software and other available applications to create quality productions for instructional and personal use.

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