Worship & Prayer

Making time out of one’s day for worship and prayer is a vital piece of spiritual development.  The Office of Campus Ministry encourages each person to actively involve themselves with a worship community, whether on or off campus.

As a Catholic Institution sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, Fontbonne is fundamentally committed to empowering the faith and spiritual development of all students. In the spirit of the Sisters, in love and unity, we hope to foster an environment in which religious freedom and ecumenical and interfaith relationships can flourish – an environment in which the integrity of one’s faith is celebrated and supported. For those who wish to worship off campus, the St. Louis area is a rich resource for worship and community involvement. Please see the list of Off-Campus Faith Communities for more ways to connect with the St. Louis faith community.

College is a time for growth and learning. Make spiritual growth a part of your years at Fontbonne!

Sacred Spaces

Doerr Chapel

Located in Ryan Hall, the Chapel serves the entire Fontbonne community and is a place where the community comes together to celebrate Masses and special services.

Hours for Doerr Chapel: Follows Ryan Hall hours.

Interfaith Gathering Space

Located in Medaille 58 off the Arnold Memorial Center(AMC), the Interfaith Gathering Space is open daily for individual prayer and meditation. There are resources for your use including books and religious object from a variety of faith traditions. There is also a piano available for use. The room may also be reserved for groups for one time or regular spiritual reflection and ritual. *If you would like to reserve this space please contact Lori Helfrich.

Hours for the Interfaith Gathering Space: 7:00am-10:30 pm.



Islamic Prayer Room

Located in room L11C in the basement of the Jack C. Taylor Library, the Islamic Prayer room offers opportunities for individual prayer throughout the day.

Hours for the Islamic Prayer Room: follows Library hours.