Resident Meal Plans & Costs

Resident students living in all university sponsored halls are required to have a meal plan. Medaille and St. Joseph residents can choose from 3 Traditional Plans (19, 14 or 10 meals per week), or 3 Block Plans (170 meals, 145 meals, or 115 meals per semester). Residents in Southwest apartments can choose from the above plans or choose the minimum Apartment 7 Meals per Week Plan. If you do not specify a meal plan, the 14 meal plan is automatically assigned to Medaille and St. Joseph’s Hall residents. For Southwest residents, if a meal plan is not specified the 7 meal per week will be assigned.

Meal plans may be changed in the first week after you move in each semester only. All change requests must be in writing. No changes are accepted by phone.

Traditional Meal Plans

The resident student’s traditional meal plan week is seven days long. The week begins on Saturday and ends the following Friday. Only plan holder can use meals each week. Meals are non-transferable.

Meal Plans Per Semester 2018/2019
Full 19 Weekly Meals $2,362
Medium 14 Weekly Meals $2,291
Partial 10 Weekly Meals $2,202
Apartment 7 Weekly Meals $2,000

Block Plans

Meals can be used anytime throughout the semester for the plan holder or their guest(s). Unused meals at the end of the semester do not transfer. There are no refunds. If meals run out before the end of the semester, the resident can purchase Griffin Bucks.

Block Plans Per semester 2018/2019
170 meals per semester $2,404
145 meals per semester $2,326
115 meals per semester $2,240