Early Childhood Minor

Required Courses for the Early Childhood Minor

A student must successfully complete, at Fontbonne, a minimum of 50 percent of the credit hours required for the minor.

Students from other majors who desire an early childhood minor must take the following core courses identified with an asterisk (*) and may choose any of the other courses listed to total 18-21 credit hours:
*HES/ECE 131 Introduction/Observation of Early Childhood Programs
*HES/ECE 230 Infant and Toddler Development
*HES 232 The Young Child (3 credits)
*HES 431 Dynamics of Early Childhood Curriculum (4 credits)

  • ECE 131

    Introduction/Observation of Early Childhood Programs

    3 credits

    Observation and critical analysis of diversified early
    childhood programs, with an emphasis on program

  • FCS 230

    Infant and Toddler Development

    3 credits

    Study of prenatal, neonatal, infant, and toddler development with emphasis given to the birth process and the physical, cognitive, and psychosocial aspects affecting parents and children. Infant observation and practicum experience is an integral part of the course (30 clock hours in addition to the scheduled class meeting times).

  • FCS 232

    The Young Child

    3 credits

    Study of the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of young children ages three through eight. Course includes observations of preschool age children (30 clock hours in addition to the scheduled class meeting times). Prerequisite: FCS 230 or consent of instructor.

  • FCS 337

    Family Relations

    3 credits

    Analysis of family interaction throughout the life cycle.
    Emphasis on issues related to self-understanding,
    readiness for mature relationships, and communication
    within families. Focus is on understanding family
    dynamics in relationships and the interrelationships of
    family with other social institutions. This course has been
    designated as writing intensive by the university.

  • ECE 432

    Administration of Early Childhood Programs

    3 credits
  • ECE 431

    Early Childhood Integrated Curriculum

    3 credits

    Program planning and evaluation based on principles of
    development and a variety of theoretical constructs.
    Examines teaching strategies, content area knowledge and
    developmentally appropriate practices in the field of early
    childhood with strong emphasis on integrated curriculum.
    The importance of play, multicultural teaching, and
    family involvement are explored in relationship to early
    childhood development and curriculum. Prerequisites:
    FCS 232.

  • FCS 489

    Practicum in Family & Consumer Sciences

    3 credits

    An individually arranged practicum providing the student with the opportunity to apply principles of management and the content of the student’s major in a community-based setting.

In addition to the listed courses, the student may take the following:

HES 339/539 Child, Family, and Consumer Advocacy (2-3 credits)
HES 430 Administration of Early Childhood Programs (2 credits)
HES 434 Early Childhood Practicum (2 credits)


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