Fashion Merchandising Major

Fontbonne University’s Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising provides a content-rich curriculum designed to enhance students’ technical and creative skills, and enhance their understanding of the ethical and global implications of the fashion business. Faculty are committed to providing students industry exposure, internship possibilities, career options and networking potential by coordinating industry tours, collaborating with fashion professionals and organizing study abroad opportunities. With a degree in fashion merchandising, graduates will be equipped to secure a dynamic career in the global fashion industry.

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    Meet Elaine

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    Passion for Fashion

    Cassidy Dansberry turned her fashion merchandising major into a flourishing career.

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Fashion Merchandising Program Highlights

  • Credentialed faculty who possess professional industry experience
  • Collaborations with industry professionals
  • Industry advisory board that mentors students and advises faculty on current industry practices
  • Student and faculty participation in fashion-related community events
  • Field-based professional learning experiences
  • Fashion study tours (including Los Angeles and New York City)
  • Professional shadowing opportunities
  • Internships

Fashion at Fontbonne

  • "Yunique" Business Knowledge

    In a business setting, fashion merchandising professionals use product lifestyle management software to track products from their inception to their production to their final sale. Fontbonne fashion merchandising students have the unique opportunity to use one of these software programs — Gerber Technology’s YuniquePLM — even before they head out into the real world. This software is one of the leading PLM technologies on the market — and Fontbonne students are some of the only ones in the country to have access to it long before they accept their first jobs.

  • Design on Display

    Design on Display

    The fashion merchandising program at Fontbonne University controls the design of two large display windows located in the main entryway of Anheuser-Busch Hall. This spring, an independent study class dressed the windows, inspired by a Marimekko textile and print exhibit at the St. Louis Art Museum. Ashley Kemper, Bridget Scheetz and Ali Waters, all senior fashion merchandising majors, created the bold, black and white display in the photo shown above. The windows are updated several times throughout each semester.

  • Fashion Firsthand

    Fashion Firsthand

    Fashion merchandising faculty coordinate annual study tours that provide students the opportunity to learn about the industry firsthand from practitioners in the field. Leading students on excursions to Dallas, New York and Los Angeles, faculty arrange opportunities for students to visit a variety of companies ranging from those in product development and marketing, to brick-and-mortar and e-commerce retailing. These opportunities, like a visit to Sean Jean in New York, pictured above, allow students to better contextualize what they learn in the classroom, while networking with industry professionals and getting a feel for the breadth of jobs that await them upon graduation.

Recent Learning Experiences

  • On-site learning about the processes involved in a St. Louis-based menswear label rebranding initiative; meeting with the label’s CFO and designer and president of their advertising agency
  • Collaboration with a local fair trade retailer to develop product and organize a pop-up shop
  • Ongoing case study monitoring the evolution of a St. Louis-based fashion entrepreneur and his brand portfolio
  • Student travel for study abroad
  • On-campus student leadership opportunities: Fontbonne ambassador, Fontbonne blogger, Enactus, Fontbonne honors program, Fontbonne Activities Board, Student Government Association

See photos of these and more fashion merchandising projects, events and opportunities.







Fashion Merchandising Course Samples

  • FAS 305

    Advanced Product Development

    3 credits

    Identify and analyze garment specifications, construction methods, and fit alterations in a lab based setting. Integrate all aspects of the manufacturing process while creating full specification garment packages developed for a specific target market. Prerequisite: FAS 205.

  • FAS 105

    Dress and Culture

    3 credits

    Studies the values associated with appearance of individuals and groups within cultural, social, psychological, and economic realms; including the visual impact of the identity on the self and others.

  • FAS 307

    Fashion Behavior and Forecasting

    3 credits

    Social, psychological, economic, political, and communication factors influencing consumers’ fashion preferences and buying decisions are studied. Principles and methods used to forecast fashion trends are analyzed. Prerequisites: FAS 107; BUS 233; PSY100/SOC100 or consent of instructor.

Recent Internships

  • Buckle Corporate Headquarters, Kearny, Nebraska (E-Commerce)
  • Soft Surroundings, St. Louis (Technical Design)
  • Weismann Dancewear, St. Louis (Sourcing)
  • Charlotte Russe Corporate Headquarters, San Francisco, CA (Allocations)
  • Caleres Corporate Headquarters, St. Louis (Photo-Styling)

Fashion Merchandising Career Opportunities

Alumni in the Workforce

  • Assistant Buyer, Scrubs and Beyond, St. Louis
  • Assistant Merchant, Banana Republic Corporate Headquarters, San Francisco, CA
  • Digital Marketing Coordinator, Tacony Corporation, St. Louis
  • Fashion Photo Stylist, Caleres Corporate Headquarters, St. Louis
  • Showroom Manager, ML Creative Group, Los Angeles, CA
  • Visual Manager, West Elm, St. Louis

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