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Have you dropped below your full-time course load this semester and need to get back to at least 12 credit hours? Are you struggling in one of your current courses and need to take an additional course to maintain or boost your GPA? Want to get ahead by picking up an extra course before the new semester begins?

If so, then Acadeum may be right for you!

How it Works

Fontbonne University offers a variety of online courses through Acadeum, a consortium of like-minded accredited colleges and universities that share online course offerings. You can see a list of pre-approved online consortium courses below. A course taken through this consortium is considered institutional credit and will impact student grade-point averages just like any other FBU course.

Courses taken during the winter term will be included as part of the fall semester course load.


  • If you are enrolled between 12-15 credit hours in the current semester, you will be charged a $500 fee to enroll in an Acadeum course. 
  • If you dropped or withdrew from a course in the current semester such that your course load is now currently less than 12 credit hours, you may add an Acadeum course within the current semester to boost you back to the full-time course load of 12+ hours. You will be charged a $500 fee for adding an Acadeum course. 
  • If you are part-time (fewer than 12 credit hours) and adding an Acadeum course keeps you at less than 12 hours, you will be charged Fontbonne’s usual rate for each additional credit hour. There is no additional enrollment fee in this situation.  
  • If enrolling in an Acadeum course pushes your course load above 18 credit hours, you will be charged Fontbonne’s usual rate for each credit hour above 18 hours. There is no additional enrollment fee in this situation.  
  • Students enrolling in an Acadeum course during the summer will only be charged Fontbonne’s summer tuition rate. There will be no additional Acadeum enrollment fee in this situation.

For purposes of enrollment, winter term courses offered through Acadeum are included as part of the fall semester.

Students who receive the GI Bill® benefits cannot use their benefits to cover these courses. If they have questions, please contact Dr. Piacentini at

Winter 2022 Acadeum Course Offerings

Current winter 2022 Acadeum course offerings can be found here.

How to Register

To register for an Acadeum course, students need to create an Acadeum account and also submit a Change of Registration form.

To register for an Acadeum course, sign up for an Acadeum account using your Fontbonne email address. Then, go to settings and complete the full student profile, including your student ID and home address. You can then search the Acadeum system for available courses in upcoming terms and submit a request through Acadeum to enroll in your preferred Acadeum course.

On Fontbonne’s add/drop form, input the relevant Acadeum course number and title from the table below and enter the word “ACADEUM” in the instructor signature space. MAKE SURE BOTH THE STUDENT AND ADVISOR SIGNATURES ARE INCLUDED before submitting the add/drop form. Signatures can appear on the form itself or via an email thread of consent by both the student and the advisor. Once completed, submit the add/drop form to the Registrar’s Office at

Students registered in Acadeum courses are subject to the drop date published for each course on the Acadeum website. The withdraw deadline for Acadeum courses is the same as the deadline for all Fontbonne courses for each term. To withdraw from an Acadeum course during the withdrawal period, please submit a signed change of registration form to the Registrar’s Office at

If you have any questions, please contact Nick Rothweiler in the Registrar’s Office at or 314-889-4675.

Course Equivalencies

Register for an Acadeum account to access courses that are currently available for Fontbonne students.

Don’t see what you need? If the current list of approved courses does not meet your needs, feel free to look through Acadeum course offerings after you create your Fontbonne account to find an approved course or to search for a course you need. Email Nick Rothweiler at if you see a course that might work for you.

See the table below for a representative list of the courses currently offered via Acadeum.

Fontbonne Course Number Fontbonne Course Title
ACT 210 Financial Accounting
ACT 220 Managerial Accounting
CIS 100 Computer Technology: Issues and Applications
CIS 120 Overview of Computer and Information Science
COM 208 Digital Publications Workshop
ENG 101 Composition I
ENG 102 Composition II
ENG 251 World Literature
FIN 230 Personal Finance
HST 105 United States to 1865
MGT 210 Management Principles
MKT 340 Consumer Behavior
MTH 115 Introduction to Statistics
MUS 108 Music Appreciation
PHL 228 Environmental Ethics
PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 200 Developmental Psychology
REL 293 Special Topics
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