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Dean’s List

The Dean's List

The dean’s list is published at the end of fall and spring semesters. To be considered for the dean’s list a student must:

  • be a full-time undergraduate student earning a bachelor’s degree.
  • earn a minimum of 12 undergraduate credit hours in the semester. (The grades for courses that end after the last official day of the semester will not be calculated for consideration for the dean’s list.) Since P, NP, and I grades are not computed in the GPA, any credit hours graded P, NP, or I will not count toward the required minimum of 12 credit hours. However, students who successfully complete required courses that are offered only on a P/NP basis and who have completed at least six graded credits are eligible.
  • achieve a semester GPA of 3.7 or above.

Spring 2022

Adler, Tamar Yaffa
Ahner, Alexus
Alman, Misty Dawn
Anderson, Jack William
Arnold, Morgan E
Bailey, Ja’mise Jena
Bailey, Lindsey Marie
Barnum Jr., Antonio Keith
Bartlett, Elizabeth M
Bateman, Libby Jean
Bates, Georgina
Batiste, Ariona Marie
Baumgartner, Brandon M
Beck, Joshua C
Beck, Megan E
Bell, Sofiya
Biermann, Mia Renee
Bodley, Gloria
Booker, Khaliah
Boyer, Brady T
Brase, Abigail C
Brooks, Desiree Tiera
Brooks, Nevaeh
Brothers, Sophia J
Brown, Toineshia
Buechel, Adriana
Buechel, Ashley L
Burke, Makenzie Diane
Burkhardt, Drew
Carroll, Alyson Mae
Carter, Halie M
Carter, Jenna
Celik, Fatima Aybike
Chatman, Jackson McHenry
Chazen, Jordan
Clobes, Isabel Marie
Cole, Angel Bethany
Crittenden, Lakia Janay
Crow, Rachael
Cruz, Brandon
Cruz, Eli
Darrow, Logan
Daughtry, Caroline E
DeClue, Behnjamin Ray
Dennis, Micah K
DeRennaux, McKenzie Taylor
Dietrich, Maria R
Dobbs, Braeden C
Dulic, Selena H
Duncan, Jaden Reyne
Dunder, Alina S
Engel, Evan T
Erlbacher, Melanie A
Finnern, Kailey
Fitzgerald, Jadyn A.
Fox, Jullia
Frasca, Andrew John
Glosson, Tanja Tuulikki
Gonzalez-Ochoa, Guadalupe
Gordon, Heidi A
Gravagna, Maya
Grimes, Katie N.
Guevara-Vargas, Vanessa
Gunther, Jon-David
Gurung, Adeekshya
Hager, Celeste
Hahn, Eleanor J
Hameed, Zahraa A
Hamilton, Ashley
Harris, Julie A
Harris, Rachel Janel
Himes, Avery N
Hotop, Alaina Josephine
Hotop, Jonathan S
Howard, David C
Huaroco, Jacqueline
Hubbard, Grace M
Huffstetter, Madelyn
Ibrahim, Maryam
Illingworth, Ayden John
Itoku, Wesley Rei
Jackson, Ericka E
Johnson, Jordyn Elizabeth
Johnson, Megan L
Johnson-Brimmage, Asia L.
Jones, Ivy N
Jones, Lilly
Kaempfe, Kristen Jean
Kavanaugh, Clare Therese
Kelley, Tengis Aaron
Kelly, Rachel A
Keohane, Caitlin
King, Joseph Carson
Klenke, William Blake
Klohr, Jordan
Kohenskey, Krystal

Kreutzman, Lee
Kueper, Trey
Kutz, Hailey Nicole
Laine, Anna K
LeDure, Will Holland
Leeker, Kathryn E
Leopold, Ebenezer Roy
Lierman, Jacob Robert
Littlejohn, Bethany
Lofgren, Alexa
Lucas, Jacob Todd
Luebbers, Sara Leigh
Lyeki, Zackery
Maag, Riley L
Macchi, Nicholas
MacLaughlin, Nick J
Malhotra, Anjum
Manint, Madison Rose
Mason, Michaela C
McCain, Kayla
McFee, Leah A
McGill, Tiffany A
McKinney, Cody L.
Miener, Hannah
Millner, Jeannine
Molden, Jessica E
Molden, Zachary Michael
Monroy, Valeria
Morris, Gracie
Moses, Madeline Catherine
Moyle, Madison
Mullenix, Anne Christine
Murata, Airi
Neal, Caroline
Newman, Elizabeth K
Nick, Jayla
Odle, Erika L
Okpara, Ogechi
Ombar-Hall, Maureen J
Ott, Hayden Joseph
Owens, Jordan Dee
Owens, Nia C
Panek, Vonner M
Parkinson, Spencer Jh.
Parks, Margo Lynn
Paurevic, Manuel
Pearce, Holly E
Pemberton, Kassidy
Pfalzgraf, Trinity M
Phegley, Marisa Teresa
Phegley, Mia Sofia
Pickett, Rylee N
Pointer, Agnes
Pramik, Emma
Quan, Julia
Reando, Jillian R
Reavis, Anna Catherine
Reavis, Grace E
Rhutasel, Sabrina K
Roberts, Jenelle A
Rodriguez, Emily S
Roma, Luca Roberto
Rorah, Mia Empress
Ruffino, Blake F.
Runke, Brianna Jo
Ryan, Lillian F
Sainato, Noah Michael
Schmiedeskamp, Brandon M
Schumacher, Ashley E.
Schumacher, Shaundel Marie
Shuman, Hailey B
Silva, Savannah A
Simon, Serenity M
Smith, Caitlyn M
Smith, Contessa J
Smith, Rachel A
Solnosky, Christina
Spencer, Victoria Suzanne
Staffen, Grant
Stafford, Rylee Payton
Steinkamp, Ian Hugo
Tarasyuk, Anastasiya
Taylor, Ryan John
Tran, Xela N
Trout, Cullen Chandler
Ulery, Caitlyn R
Van, Huy Tan Minh
Vaughn, Sophie A.
Viduolis, Paulius
Washausen, Eric Scott
Webb, Philyce D
Wheeler, Cody D
Whiting, Cole
Whitley, Infiniti M
Wokurka, Olivia A
Wyatt, Makayla
Xie, Qianqian

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