Fontbonne University Disney Leadership Experience

The Fontbonne University Disney Leadership Experience allows sophomore and junior level students to attend the College Edition of the Disney Leadership Institute – an accredited Leadership Development program hosted by professionals and business leaders associated with The Walt Disney Corporation.

This program encourages participants to focus and develop personal strengths and values in conjunction with organizational values and individual legacy.  Students that graduate from the institute will return to campus as stronger leaders with a continued focus on understanding that personal values and strengths serve as a cornerstone for all leadership development.

Program Objectives

By participating in the Fontbonne University Disney Leadership Experience, students will:

  • Realize that leadership affects every aspect of business and that everyone has the opportunity to exhibit leadership traits and behaviors.
  • Understand the various meanings of social groups, the general implications of group membership and the different ways that groups function.
  • Comprehend conflict, cooperation and interdependence between individuals, groups and institutions.
  • Effectively use mental processes to identify similarities and differences.
  • Learn how effective leaders strive to overcome barriers and challenges that prevent the achievement of business results.
  • Reinforce a healthy self‐image by contributing to the overall efforts of a group.
  • Harness the group’s dynamics and build team cohesion.
  • Acknowledge the role of trust, creativity and teamwork in developing an effective improvisational performance.
  • Gain a greater understanding of the dynamics of successful improvisation.
  • Apply knowledge, skills and improvisational rules and tools to create an entertaining atmosphere that showcases teamwork and a cohesive story arc.
  • Build performance relationships to create an atmosphere where their creativity and self-confidence flourishes.
  • Support one another as audience members and as performers.

Phases of the Experience

  • On-Campus Experience

    On-Campus Experience

    Students participating in the program will spend the fall semester in a cohort-styled program that focuses on team leadership development, the definition and comprehension of individual strengths, and problem solving.

  • On-Site Experience

    On-Site Experience

    As part of the program, students will travel to Disney World right after finals conclude in the fall semester to partake in a four-day, training-intensive program that highlights teamwork, creativity, leadership strategies, and organizational culture.

  • Post-Site Experience

    Post-Site Experience

    Upon returning to campus in the spring, students will be expected to engage in enhanced leadership opportunities throughout the Fontbonne community and serve as ambassadors to the Disney Leadership Experience program.

Historical Information

  • Cohort I: Go The Distance (December 9-13, 2016)

    Cohort I: Go The Distance (December 9-13, 2016)

    Our first Disney Cohort utilized Disney’s Hercules as a story focused on perseverance and overcoming adversity.  Members of the team studied the lyrics of the song “Go The Distance” and analyzed Hercules’ journey as they discussed campus initiatives and dreams.

  • Cohort II: Seize The Day (December 18-22, 2017)

    Cohort II: Seize The Day (December 18-22, 2017)

    Our second Disney Cohort utilized Disney’s Newsies as a tale aimed at teaching activism, social change, and seeking opportunity.  Members of the team studied the lyrics of the song “Seize The Day” and analyzed the dedication set forth by the Newsies as they discussed their ability to create and implement change throughout the university and beyond.

  • Cohort III: Zetus Lapetus (December 14-19, 2018)

    Cohort III: Zetus Lapetus (December 14-19, 2018)

    The Third Disney Cohort will feature Disney Channel’s Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century as a story aimed at invoking futuristic thought, empowerment, and teamwork.  Members of the team will use the song “The Galaxy Is Ours” and the story of Zenon and her friends in an effort to outline positive enhancements to the university and our culture.


Please direct all questions to Jordan Alberici, Student Program Coordinator for the Disney Leadership Experience, or Joel Hermann, Associate Director for the Center of Leadership and Community Engagement.