QUEST Leadership Scholarship

QUEST Leadership Scholars Overview

The QUEST Scholars is a program designed to help students develop leadership skills while achieving academic success consistent with graduating in four years. QUEST Scholars includes a comprehensive four-year plan that involves training, experiential learning opportunities, community and university service, as well as the chance to engage in self-reflection regarding leadership development.

Participants begin their first year with interactive leadership training followed by opportunities to apply their new leadership skills. In the second through fourth years, students will participate in on-campus experiential learning opportunities, continued leadership development and opportunities to engage in community and university service.

The QUEST Scholars program aligns with the Fontbonne University QUEST Leadership Initiative, which is open to all students. Each scholar, throughout their active participation and completion of the QUEST Scholars program will also meet and complete all five peaks for the Quest Leadership Initiative while further enhancing their leadership skills and positive impact on the Fontbonne community.

Program Requirement

In order to receive this scholarship, scholars agree to the following requirements.

  • Complete the criteria as outlined in the Four-Year Roadmap (attached)
  • Complete 10 hours of university/community service each year
  • Complete all self-reflection journals
  • Maintain full-time student status and show satisfactory academic progress at the end of each semester
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA
  • Maintain good social standing

Criteria for Application

Please be sure you meet the following criteria before applying for this scholarship:

  • Have a high school or transfer school GPA of 2.5
  • Active involvement in leadership positions at your school such as student government, service and community engagement, or other clubs and organizations.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to develop and deepen one’s own leadership growth and development.
  • Be willing to respect, appreciate and support the University’s mission, vision, and values
  • Complete an application and participate in an interview with the scholarship selection team.

How to Apply

Phase One: Interested prospective students must complete a QUEST Leadership Scholarship Application. Applications are open until filled.

Phase Two: Prospective students will be contacted by the scholarship selection team once the application has been received to set up a brief on-campus or phone interview to discuss the application and the student’s desire to be a QUEST Scholar.

Phase Three: All applicants will receive notification of whether or not they have been awarded the scholarship within three weeks after their interview is complete.

Student Benefits

  • Earn up to $2,000 each year in financial assistance – that’s $8,000 over four years!
  • Develop leadership experience that spans the classroom, community and workplace.
  • Engage in experiential learning opportunities.
  • Receive professional development training for the workplace.
  • Connect with students, faculty, and staff at the university as well as build a network of connections outside of the university.

Contact Information

For more information about the QUEST Scholars, please contact Dr. Janelle Julian, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs at (314) 719-8057 or

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