Student Health and Counseling Services

Counseling and Wellness
The personal counselors at Fontbonne University offer support in dealing with a variety of issues and concerns. The department provides short-term professional counseling to help you face your challenges and succeed. Referrals to off-campus counseling agencies and therapists also available. Learn more about the counselors available, as well as office location and scheduling an appointment.

Health Insurance
While no plan is sponsored or endorsed by the University, all students are highly recommended to have appropriate and adequate health insurance coverage. Find a list of potential insurance providers, as well as the University’s policies regarding student athletes and insurance, as well as additional resources for international students seeking coverage. For more information contact Campus Nurse, Learn more.

International Student Health Services
Are you looking for information on vaccination requirements for commuting and residential international students? Additional resources available, as well as clinic hours and locations when available. For more information contact Campus Nurse, Learn more.

Sexual Misconduct
Fontbonne University is committed to a safe and healthy campus environment. Learn more about how the University defines sexual misconduct and relationship violence, as well as how to report a sexual misconduct violation, and the University’s policies regarding prevention and resolution.

Tuberculosis Screening
Take the tuberculosis screening questionnaire to determine whether or not actual blood testing is necessary for you. Required of all new University students and employees as mandated by the State of Missouri. For more information contact Campus Nurse,