Conditional Admission

Fontbonne University recognizes the challenges non-native English speakers face when considering becoming an undergraduate student in the United States. That’s why we created a unique conditional admission program, a transitional program that blends together ESL (English as a Second Language) classes with academic courses until the student is prepared to enroll as a full-time undergraduate students.

  • Low – Intermediate English
  • Combination of ESL classes and academic courses
  • No TOEFL or IELTS required
  • Support classes to help with homework and improving certain language abilities are offered

Undergraduate Conditional Admission Requirements

  • Students without a TOEFL score, or a TOEFL score below 65ibt, may apply for conditional admission by completing the
    International Student Application for Undergraduate Study.
  • Students without a TOEFL will be required to take the Fontbonne
    University institutional English placement test (compass) before the
    start of classes.
  • Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission Students (SACM):
    Undergraduate scholarship students must have a 5.5 IELTS to be
    considered for unconditional undergraduate admission, SACM students
    possesing a lower score may ONLY apply for Intensive English Program
    with the opportunity to apply for a conditional letter of acceptance to
    the program of their choice once the IEP program has started.

Important Details

  • Compass test minimum score required to move or skip levels.
  • Students may take Compass test anytime to attempt a level change.
  • Undergraduate scholarships fully apply for conditional admission students.

Program Structure

Level Courses Language Equivalency
1 ESL only Compass ESL test 219 or lower
2 1 academic class + 3 developmental ESL courses Compass ESL test 220-230
3 2 academic classes + 2 developmental ESL courses Compass ESL test 231-245
4 3 academic classes + 1 developmental ESL course Compass ESL test 246-259
Full-Time Full-time undergraduate Compass ESL test 260+

Graduate Conditional Admission

Conditional admission is available on a case-by-case basis for all graduate business programs. A student must earn a 275 on Compass or 6.0 on IELTS in order to enroll in academic graduate business programs. Students cannot dually enroll in graduate academic and ESL courses, and must complete the ESL courses or pass the COMPASS test or submit required IETLS/TOEFL before being allowed to enroll in Business courses.

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