Behavioral Sciences Department

The department of behavioral sciences is dedicated to creating a dynamic culture of learning that embraces the following core values, all of which are consistent with the mission and values of Fontbonne University.

Departmental Mission

  • Critical thinking, research, technological and analytical reasoning skills
  • Excellence and originality in teaching, research and scholarship
  • Application of theory to improve the lives of the self and others
  • Ethical conduct in science and practice as well as in our personal lives
  • Community outreach and service to others
  • Effective communication skills and ability to collaborate successfully with others
  • A student-centered model of program and curriculum development
  • A curriculum that is infused throughout with opportunities for experiential learning
  • A collectivist orientation towards other members of the department, university and community
  • Self-awareness and professional growth among students, faculty and staff

Statement of Vision

The department of behavioral sciences strives to maintain strong, productive academic programs that provide a solid educational foundation for the next generation of scholars, leaders and world citizens.

Our academic vision is to:

  • Serve as a model department for student research, teaching excellence and faculty scholarship
  • Produce future leaders who can solve problems and effectively serve a world in need
  • Provide thorough and multidisciplinary undergraduate education within the liberal arts tradition
  • Promote creativity, critical thinking, analytical reasoning and ethical awareness among our students
  • Develop partnerships with external communities and organizations
  • Encourage service, outreach and professional development opportunities for students, faculty and staff in our department

Areas of Study

Undergraduate Programs and Minors

Applied Behavioral Sciences


Psychology Minor

Occupational Therapy – Dual Degree (also offered through the biological and physical sciences department)


Contact Us

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