Cybersecurity Certificate

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers two certificates in cybersecurity, both of which can be earned in 12 credit hours with day OR evening classes. Our Level 1 certificate is designed for persons with two or more years of experience in the IT field with little or no experience in cybersecurity.  The Level 2 certificate is designed for persons with two or more years of experience in the IT field with some experience in cybersecurity.

These certificates can help technology professionals enhance their expertise and marketability without the time and expense of adding a full degree. As cybersecurity demands increase, so too do the demands for professionals with education and knowledge in the field. A cybersecurity certificate could put you a step ahead of the competition in a wide range of sectors, from government and military to business and healthcare. If you want to expand your knowledge even further, consider a cybersecurity minor or a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity.

Level 1 certificate (12 credits)

In addition to the course listed below, the student will take three additional 300 or 400-level cybersecurity courses, one of which may be a general computer science course that is a prerequisite or co-requisite for a specific cybersecurity course. *

  • CIS 125

    Introduction to Cybersecurity, Crime and Policies

    3 credits

    Introduces students to the fields of cyber crime and security. Covers issues associated with different types of threats, attacks, and methods employed against these threats and attacks. Practical cryptography, securities of operating systems, computer networks, database systems, and other types of computer systems will also be introduced. Pre- or co-requisite:  MTH 115.  SP

Level 2 certificate (12 credits)

The student will take four 300 or 400-level cybersecurity major CIS courses, one of which may be a general computer science course that is a prerequisite or co-requisite for a specific cybersecurity course. *

    * Here is a listing of some general computer science and cybersecurity courses one might take:

    • CIS 340

      Concepts of Telecommunications and Networking

      3 credits

      Introduction to the principles and practice of data communication and computer networking. Topics include the theoretical aspects of various methods, media, protocols, data compression, and security in telecommunication. Also includes lab exercises of network and remote access configuration and data exchange. Prerequisites: CIS 161 and (CIS 120 or MTH 120) and (MTH 150 or consent of the instructor).  FA (Odd)

    • CIS 355

      Principles of Operating Systems

      3 credits

      Topics cover the theoretical aspects and concepts of operating systems including system structures, scheduling, concurrent processes and deadlock handling, storage and file management, system protection and security. Also includes lab exercises in UNIX system configuration. Prerequisites: CIS 161, CIS 120 or MTH 120.  SP (Even)

    • CIS 356

      Operating System Security and Administration

      3 credits

      Covers operating system security and administration with an emphasis on operating  system installation, configuration, administration, and security. Topics include operating system setup, user account control, file system protection, activity logging, system call  auditing, address space management, and intrusion detections. Prerequisites: CIS 120, CIS 125 and CIS 161. CIS 355 is a pre- or co-requisite.  SP (Even)

    • CIS 380

      Web Development Security

      3 credits

      Covers web development security with an emphasis on the fundamental principles of security in web applications. Topics include web browser security, server-side web application security and web database security. Prerequisites: CIS 120, CIS 125 and CIS 215.  FA (Even)

    • CIS 415

      Server Security and Maintenance/Troubleshooting

      3 credits

      Covers the fundamental security principles of different types of servers, such as file  servers, database servers, web servers, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers, mail servers, and Domain Name System (DNS) servers. Server installation, configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting will be studied. Prerequisites: CIS 120, CIS 125 and CIS 356.  FA (Even)

    • CIS 445

      Network Security and Management

      3 credits

      Covers network security and management with an emphasis on computer network security, implementation, and management. Topics include network core devices (such as routers and switches) setup, configuration, maintenance, security, and firewall management. CIS 445 is cross-listed with CIS 530. To distinguish CIS 530 from CIS 445, additional or differentiated assessments and/or assignments appropriate to the graduate level will be assigned. Prerequisites: CIS 120 and CIS 125. CIS 340 is a pre- or co-requisite.  FA (Odd)

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