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Department: College of Arts and Sciences

  • Mary Abkemeier

    Chair and Professor, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Office: Ryan Hall 406

    (314) 889-1497

  • Zahid Anwar

    Associate Professor

    Office: Ryan Hall 402B

    (314) 719-8035

  • Paula Bernhardt


    Office: Fine Arts Building


  • Anthony Borchardt

    Assistant Professor and Gallery Director

    Office: Fine Arts Building 123

    (314) 719-3620

  • Meg Brinkley

    Props Coordinator

    Office: Fine Arts Building 220

    (314) 323-2248

  • Cheryl Burrus

    Administrative Assistant I

    Office: Ryan Hall 402

    (314) 889-4508

  • Mark Douglas

    Associate Professor | CO-Chair, Department of Fine Arts

    Office: Fine Arts Building 232

    (314) 719-8055

  • Hannah Ehret

    Administrative Assistant

    Office: Fine Arts 243


  • Melissa Eichhorn

    Administrative Assistant

    Office: East Building 300

    (314) 889-4551

  • Nancy English

    Associate Professor

    Office: Ryan Hall 408

    (314) 719-3588

  • Jason Finley

    Assistant Professor

    Office: East 310A


  • Morgan Fisher

    Administrative Assistant I

    Office: Fine Arts Building 220

    (314) 719-8060

  • Kathryn Graves

    Faculty Athletics Representative / Assistant Professor

    Office: Ryan 403B


  • Julie Hamdi

    Associate Professor of Chemistry, Department Chair

    Office: AB 318


  • Kyle Henrichs


    Office: East Building

  • Deanna Jent

    Professor / Co-Chair

    Office: Fine Arts Building 221

    (314) 889-4561

  • Kelly Lane-deGraaf

    Director, Center for One Health / Associate Professor

    Office: AB 313


  • Timothy Liddy


    Office: Fine Arts Building 113

    (314) 889-4563

  • Jack Luzkow


    Office: East 307


  • Mechelle Neuerburg


    Office: East Building

  • Sean Neuerburg


    Office: East Building

  • David Newton

    Assistant Professor

    Office: Fine Arts Building 112

    (314) 889-4572

  • Heather Norton

    Chair, Humanities Department & Accreditation Liasion Officer

    Office: East 320


  • Lisa Oliverio

    Associate Professor

    Office: East Building 326

    (314) 719-3518

  • Stephenie Paine-Saunders

    Professor of Biology

    Office: Anheuser-Busch Hall 320

    (314) 889-1441

  • Bahareh Rahmani

    Assistant Professor

    Office: Ryan Hall 403A

    (314) 719-8082

  • Sara Rayfield

    Director of English as a Second Language

    Office: East Hall 108 (temporary)

  • Elizabeth Rayhel

    Professor of Biology

    Office: AB 324


  • Michael Sullivan

    Associate Professor

    Office: Fine Arts Building 222

    (314) 889-4548

  • Guanyu Tian

    Assistant Professor

    Office: Ryan 410


  • Minh Truong

    Associate Professor of Physics

    Office: Anheuser-Busch Hall 311

    (314) 889-1446

  • Victor Wang


    Office: Fine Arts Building 236

    (314) 889-4544

  • Daryl Wennemann

    Associate Professor

    Office: East Building 311

    (314) 889-4554

  • John Whicker

    Assistant Professor

    Office: East 312B


  • Kasi Williamson

    Associate Dean & Assistant Professor

    Office: East 305A


  • Alex Wiltrout

    Laboratory Preparation Assistant

    Office: Anheuser-Busch Hall

    (314) 889-4532

  • Yi Yang

    Assistant Professor, Director of Cybersecurity Major

    Office: Ryan Hall 414

    (314) 889-4513

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