Welcome to Fontbonne ONLINE

Fontbonne University prides itself on the quality of our online courses and programs. Our courses are not simply correspondence courses; you and other students will be engaged in active learning environments with faculty who care about your success. Fontbonne faculty and staff are committed to you as an online student, and will work to with you by delivering supportive online resources, promoting academic excellence, and providing small class sizes that encourage high levels of student-to-student and student-to-faculty interaction.

Fontbonne is dedicated to designing and teaching high-quality, mission-driven online courses and programs. All online courses go through a rigorous review process to ensure the highest quality student experience. Just as Fontbonne University’s traditional programs seek to educate students to think critically, to act ethically and to assume responsibility as citizens and leaders, so do Fontbonne’s online courses and programs.

Fontbonne University’s online classes offer you flexibility and convenience, but also expect that you will engage in active discussion, meet course deadlines and participate in academic projects, features of more traditional face-to-face classes.  Online learning allows you as a student, to learn from anyplace, anytime making it easier to complete your degree and still manage your work and family commitments.

You can learn more … and be more … with Fontbonne ONLINE.

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Questions? Contact our Office of Admission: 314-889-1400 | fbyou@fontbonne.edu