Required Courses for the Marketing Major

Business Core

(You may take either ECN 210 or ECN 220)

  • BSA 100

    Business Components Assessment

    0 credits

    This assessment, taken during the student’s first term/semester, measures students’ knowledge of business common professional components upon entering their program. Graduation requirement.

  • ACT 210

    Financial Accounting

    3 credits

    Acquaints students with the language of communicating financial information of a business enterprise to owners and stakeholders. Material to be covered includes the components of financial statements and the development thereof, accounting principles of service and merchandising concerns, and inventory and depreciation methods. Prerequisite:  BSA 100 (may be taken concurrently).

  • ACT 220

    Managerial Accounting

    3 credits

    Focuses on developing and utilizing accounting information for planning, control, and managerial decision making. Cost classifications, job costing, process costing, activity-based costing, cost-volume profit analysis, budgeting, variable costing, relevant cost, and the contribution approach to decision making will be covered. Prerequisite: ACT 210

  • ECN 210

    Principles of Macro Economics

    3 credits

    Macroeconomics is concerned with keeping economic fluctuations within reasonable bounds. Topics include the measurement of the national income, inflation, unemployment, economic growth and monetary and fiscal policies and international outcomes. Prerequisite: BSA 100 (may be taken concurrently).

  • ECN 220

    Principles of Micro Economics

    3 credits

    Microeconomics, or the theory of the firm, explains price determination and resource allocation. Topics include the supply/demand model, elasticity, the theory of consumer behavior, the theory of production and cost of production, and an examination of various market structures. Prerequisite: BSA 100 (may be taken concurrently).

  • MKT 210

    Marketing Principles

    3 credits

    Presents principles, methods and problems within the marketing discipline focusing on product development, distribution channels, promotion techniques and pricing strategies. Topics include market segmentation, buying motivation, branding, customer service, marketing research, and international marketing considerations. Prerequisite: BSA 100 (may be taken concurrently).

  • MGT 210

    Management Principles

    3 credits

    A review of the classical management functions of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. Provides a systematic analysis of management’s responsibilities in profit and non-profit organizations. The student gains a thorough understanding of what it means to be a manager and the functions and duties of managers within the managerial hierarchy. Prerequisite: BSA 100 (may be taken concurrently).

  • BSA 210

    Business Law

    3 credits

    An introductory course in the study of business law. Topics include the nature of law, the types and function of dispute resolutions, contracts, agency, torts, and business organizations.

  • BSA 310

    International Business

    3 credits

    Topics include importing, exporting, tariffs, the balance of payments, foreign exchange, and the phenomenon of globalization. Prerequisites: ENC 210

  • FIN 310

    Managerial Finance

    3 credits

    A study of finance as a managerial tool; particular emphasis will be given to the time value of money, stock and bond pricing, working capital management and capital budgeting. Prerequisite: ACT 210

  • MGT 330

    Management and Business Ethics

    3 credits

    A study of the process and criteria for forming and testing values and relating them to ethical obligations. Personal values are examined in relation to organizational values. Ethical systems are studied and applied to organizational and public policy issues.

  • MGT 350

    Production/Operations Management

    3 credits

    A review of production, operations and supply chain management, that focuses on manufacturing environments. Special emphasis is given to quality management, inventory control, logistics, process design, forecasting, and lean production techniques used to achieve profitable and efficient operations. Prerequisite: MGT 210

Marketing Core

(You may take either COM 295 or COM 430)

  • MKT 320

    Advertising and Promotion Management

    3 credits

    This course increases students’ understanding of advertising concepts as well as structure and functions of different “players” within the industry. Course material integrates marketing and advertising theory with application in advertising decision-making. Prerequisite: MKT 210

  • MKT 340

    Consumer Behavior

    3 credits

    Explores the application of the principles of psychology and other social sciences to consumer behavior. The impacts of interpersonal dynamics and social influences are studied in depth. Course material is oriented to the practical application of the basic concepts. Prerequisite: MKT 210

  • MKT 410

    Marketing Research

    3 credits

    Presentation of the analytical techniques required to identify target markets, consumer needs, and motivations. Includes problem discovery techniques, research design, interpretation of data, and forecasting. Attention is also given to research techniques for the smaller business enterprise. Prerequisite: MKT 210

  • MKT 420

    International Marketing

    3 credits

    An introduction to managing marketing operations in a foreign marketplace. This course focuses on principles, policies, techniques and ethics used in international marketing strategies, and involves gathering and analyzing information in order to solve business problems on a global realm. Prerequisites: BUS 233.

  • MKT 460

    Marketing Management

    3 credits

    An investigation into the managerial responsibilities, as expressed in cases, of the modern marketing executive. Marketing strategy and planning are stressed. Emphasis is placed on the techniques used to assemble the marketing mix and satisfy the needs of consumer in identified target markets. Prerequisites: MGT 201; MKT 210


Choose four of the following courses

(You may take either COM 295 or COM 430)

  • ART 218

    Vector and Bitmap Imaging

    3 credits

    Introduction to digital means of artistic production. Topics include scanning, image correction, and digital manipulation of images, both bitmap and vector. PREREQ: ART 280 photography

  • ART 302

    Web Design II

    3 credits

    Expanding from the introductory course (ART202), the course will focus on delivering content using responsive (device-independent) techniques. Topics will include client- and server-side scripting, advanced use of CSS, building and using forms, and user interaction. Prerequisite. ART 202

  • BSA 435

    Internship in Business Administration

    3 credits

    A supervised experiential-learning course that requires the student to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge obtained in their coursework to an actual work environment. This course will require the student to think critically about the application of business theories and practices to the workplace. The student will be required to identify the specific business theories and practices being utilized in their setting and analyze their application, including their appropriateness and effectiveness. This course will include, among other assignments, a comprehensive term paper and a formal presentation. The employer-supervisor will be responsible for submitting a formal evaluation of the student’s performance at the completion of the semester. The student must be employed a minimum of 150 clock hours during the semester in which he/she is registered for this course. Prerequisite: Junior or senior status. Prior approval needed.

  • COM 260

    Media, Technology, and Culture

    3 credits

    An introduction to the theory and function of the mass media, with emphasis on the media’s cultural, ethical, and economic dimensions. Students will examine radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and computer as parts of an evolving information society.

  • COM 295


    3 credits

    This course will introduce students to persuasion theory and research. Students will examine the psychology behind persuasion, the ethics of persuasion, persuasive strategies and appeals, and how persuasion operates in a variety of contexts. During Presidential election years, this course may be offered as Political Persuasion.

  • COM 430

    Argumentation, Advocacy, and Debate


    A study of the various formats and strategies of argument. Development of debate techniques through research and classroom debate presentation. Prerequisite: COM 102.

  • COM 340

    Principles and Ethics of Strategic Communication

    3 credits

    This advanced course in public relations will build on the student’s knowledge of principles and theories. Students will examine public relations cases and determine the elements that either created success or failure for the participants. In addition, each student will be afforded the opportunity to work with a nonprofit organization to create a comprehensive public relations campaign. Prerequisite: COM 250.

  • MKT 325

    Social Media Management

    3 credits

    Analysis and application of social media advertising and marketing practices through the development and management of brand voice across multiple platforms. Course will cover content creation and optimization, monitoring, and analytics tolls, lead generation, and social media strategy. Students will be required to create and manage a social media campaign for a client using multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and WordPress blogs, among others. Prerequisite: MKT 210

  • MKT 330

    Principles of Selling

    3 credits

    An introduction to the art of selling. Topics include types of selling and sales training, communications, and the psychology of selling and sales management (compensation and organization). Both the customer and the business perspective are considered. Prerequisite: MKT 210

  • MKT 430

    Case Studies/Readings in Marketing

    1-3 credits

    Provides the student with an opportunity to review a variety of topics within the current literature and to study specific marketing problems through the case study method. Prerequisite: MKT 210; BSA 310

  • SPT 260

    Sports Marketing

    3 credits

    A study of the elements in the sports marketing field. Topics include sports marketing strategy, sports consumer behavior, technology as it applies to sports marketing, sports market segmentation, sports brand equity, licensing and branding merchandise, pricing, promotion, sales, sponsorship, public relations, and the future of the sports marketing industry. Prerequisite: SPT 101; MKT 210.

  • TRN 210

    Introduction to Transportation

    3 Credits

    An introduction to the transportation industry, with focus on history, foundation and importance. This course will examine the operational nature of rail, marine, pipeline, motor, air and intermodal transport.

  • TRN 310

    Transportation Management

    3 Credits

    An examination of the managerial aspects of transportation as a function of logistics management. Provides a basic understanding of the operations performed and tactical decisions made by transportation managers. Prerequisite: TRN 210

Courses required in other disciplines

  • ENG 201

    Business Writing

    3 credits

    The theory behind the practice of various forms of business writing—letters, memos, proposals and reports. Emphasis on formulating communication objectives, analyzing the audience, structuring the message, and adopting an appropriate style. Individualized projects allow students to adapt the course to their own needs. Prerequisite: ENG 101 or equivalent.

  • MTH 115

    Introduction to Statistics

    3 credits

    Topics covered: descriptive statistics, probability, binomial, chi-squared and normal probability distributions, tests of hypotheses, linear correlation and regression, and analysis of variance. Prerequisites: Grades of C- or better in MTH 095 or competency in arithmetic and algebra.  FA SP SU