Social Entrepreneurship Certificate

Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Required Courses

  • FCS 225

    Foundations of Social Change

    3 credits

    Exploration of fundamental sociological and human
    ecological principles related to social change, including
    modern/postmodern/critical analysis of collective
    behavior and the individual.

  • INT 207

    Leadership through Social Change

    3 credits

    This course is designed to provide insight, participation,
    and discussion pertaining to leadership. The course will
    also provide opportunities for students to identify their
    own diverse leadership abilities and style as well as to
    continuously reflect on their own leadership development.
    Instruction will utilize both curricular and co-curricular
    approaches in the classroom.

  • HUS 221

    Social Issues and Social Welfare Policy

    3 credits

    An analysis of the interactions between social welfare
    policy, social service agencies, and contemporary social

  • MGT 360


    3 credits

    This course will examine the definition and characteristics of entrepreneurship and how it manifests itself in small businesses, within existing corporate structures and social movements. In addition, the course will examine the key characteristics of entrepreneurship: including, recognizing, and creating opportunities, strategies and markets.

  • COM 430

    Argumentation, Advocacy, and Debate


    A study of the various formats and strategies of argument. Development of debate techniques through research and classroom debate presentation. Prerequisite: COM 102.

  • MGT 440

    Special Project for Social Entrepreneurship

    3 credits

    The Special Project for Social Entrepreneurship will allow students to bring disciplinary expertise to working on a specific interdisciplinary concern, demonstrating their ability to collaborate across disciplines and apply their skills and talents to serving a world in need. This will be a problem-based learning experience focused on Social Entrepreneurship. Prerequisites: Students may complete an Insight Project at any point after they have completed at least 64 credit hours (including 9 credit hours in their major and 9 credit hours in the concentration in Social Entrepreneurship).

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