Sports Management Minor

Required Courses for the Sports Management Minor

A student must successfully complete, at Fontbonne, a minimum of 50 percent of the credit hours required for the minor.

  • BSA 310

    International Business

    3 credits

    Topics include importing, exporting, tariffs, the balance of payments, foreign exchange, and the phenomenon of globalization. Prerequisites: ENC 210

  • SPT 101

    Introduction to Sports Management

    3 credits

    An introduction to management principles with application to the field of sports management. The course also surveys selected topics in marketing, ethics, and law as they pertain to sports. Also explored are career paths in sports management.

  • SPT 300

    Legal Issues in Sports

    3 credits

    This course explores several areas of potential liability as it deals with litigation in the sports field. Topics will include sports franchise rights, league issues, sports agents, anti-trust laws, intercollegiate sports and title IX, alternatives to litigation, and paths of response when confronted by a lawsuit. Prerequisite: SPT 101; BSA 210.

  • SOC 311

    Social Aspects of Sport

    3 credits

    Sport, as a topic of analysis and investigation, is critical to
    the understanding of the social world as sport has been
    defined as a microcosm of society, and more importantly
    because of the immense role sport plays in the American
    culture. This course will approach sport as a social
    institution that serves a function, reinforces inequality,
    provides meaning in and to our everyday lives, and can be
    defined as an empowering experience/ activity. We will
    use sociological perspectives to analyze both past and
    present issues surrounding sport and physical activity.
    Issues covered in this class include race, social class, the
    economy, gender, sexuality, disability, and sport as a
    corporate entity. Cross-listed with SPT 310. Prerequisite:

  • SPT 320

    Sports Psychology

    3 credits

    An overview of the psychological aspects of sports. This course focuses on the thought processes and attitudes of athletes and individuals involved in sports or exercise activities. Theoretical perspectives in relation to empirical research will be explored. Topics considered include psychological issues that confront coaches, organizations, physical educators, athletes, and teams. Prerequisites: SPT101; PSY 100.

  • SPT 330

    Leadership and Governance in Sports

    3 credits

    This course places an emphasis on the introduction to management theory and how it can guide practical applications in sports industries. The course will address management philosophy, management tasks, responsibilities, organization structures, leadership, motivational techniques, decision making, and factors that influence governance, such as environmental influences, power and politics. The student will be responsible for engaging in an in-depth look at various sports governing bodies, which include such organizations as the International Olympic Committee, Arena Network, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Prerequisite: SPT 101.

  • SPT 260

    Sports Marketing

    3 credits

    A study of the elements in the sports marketing field. Topics include sports marketing strategy, sports consumer behavior, technology as it applies to sports marketing, sports market segmentation, sports brand equity, licensing and branding merchandise, pricing, promotion, sales, sponsorship, public relations, and the future of the sports marketing industry. Prerequisite: SPT 101; MKT 210.

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