Strategic Communication

Fontbonne’s Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communication, developed for communication in the 21st century, prepares students to not simply communicate in oral, written and visual formats, but to do so effectively, employing strategic messaging to solve problems, influence behavior, repair an image or incite social change. With a focus on rhetorical theory and applied skill, and drawing from multidisciplinary coursework, this degree prepares students to be flexible strategic communication professionals capable of succeeding in public policy, advocacy, public relations, public health, marketing, journalism and other similar fields.

Strategic Communication Program Highlights

  • Have a particular career in mind? Combine your major in communication with a minor or concentration that focuses on your career interests, helping you learn now what you’ll use in the future. We’ll help you tailor your degree to a specific industry or area like the arts, healthcare, technology, etc.
  • Conduct original research using humanistic and social science approaches.
  • Learn to critically evaluate the effectiveness and ethical qualities of strategic messages and messaging.
  • Explore new media, applied design, digital publications and more.
  • Effectively and ethically collect, sort, generate and package information using appropriate research tools.
  • A required internship at the end of the program will help you connect theoretical knowledge with real-world experience.
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